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Hashish Bud + Black Tea Gemstone Roller Fragrance | The Green Room Series III | 10ml/.3oz

Hashish Bud + Black Tea Gemstone Roller Fragrance | The Green Room Series III | 10ml/.3oz

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The Green Room Series III: HASHISH BUD + BLACK TEA Gemstone Roller Fragrance Scent Profile: An herbal medley of black tea and cannabis, with a complex foundation of green patchouli and warm amber. A multi-layered, fresh scent suited for formal occasions or every day wear.

✨ One of the beautiful things about our sense of smell is our ability to discern any number of scent notes, with the experience of smell sometimes varying between people. Your sense of smell may detect any of these notes: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Basil, Bergamot, Rosemary, Cannabis, Black Tea, Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla, Musk

Natural Gemstone Roller Fragrances. Amber glass bottle with a rollerball applicator and clear quartz inside. Perfect for using "on the go." Makes a great gift for friends, too!

Clear Quartz properties:
✴ absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy - excellent for unblocking
✴ can help filter out distractions when used in meditation
✴ harmonizes all the chakras

To Use: apply to wrists, behind ears, back of neck, and crown, crooks of elbows (places you apply perfume) as needed. *A small amount goes a long way!

Exhale the bullshit and inhale this lovely scent instead, you beautiful creature 🦄

This collection is inspired by The Green Room (located in Omaha, NE). Founded on the principle that “Great taste, and fresh ingredients, shouldn’t break the bank” The Green Room aims to bring elevated, unique experiences to all -- just like MWLAS™.

This specially crafted collection lets you bring the experience full circle. We bet you'll love it. CHEERS!

Find The Green Room in Omaha, NE and online here:

Listing is for (1) 10ml roller bottle of chosen fragrance ONLY. All other items shown are for display purposes only.

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