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I think being able to use one little four letter word to convey a hundred different thoughts is pretty f**king creative.
― Alafair Burke


…so, why put up with more bullsh*t?

And why pay for it from companies that lean on buzzwords and scare tactics to sell you products that are just complicated and overpriced?

There are so many companies out there that choose to lean heavily on buzzwords (like “natural”) and use scare tactics of “bad” chemicals in products. Many neglect to offer context or clarifications, or choose to feed into a bad narrative because it presents their products in a better light.

And it gets you to buy whatever they’re selling. Even if it’s just BS.

Life already throws enough our way, so let’s cut the extra bulls*t. Life is full of chemicals. “Natural” and “organic” = still composed of chemicals. All of us are, literally, made up of chemicals. Chemicals aren’t automatically scary. The key is making sure that the chemicals (in the products you’re using) are actually necessary and will actually help with your body/skin care goals.

Every MWLAS product is made, by hand, with extreme care and ZERO unnecessary fillers or synthetics.

I’m definitely pro- “scary sh*t.” But *not* when it comes to using lies or scare tactics to sell.

MWLAS aims to educate and empower – NOT deceive and “shill.”

So, ready to meet our products and learn some cool sh*t? I think this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship.


The Head Chingona

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Alyssa, founder/owner of MWLAS

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Proud Latina.
Y si no te gusta, pues ese es tu problema.

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My most important job, by far. I try hard to do right by my tiny human, which includes setting a good example. If I wouldn't want my mini knowing that something was done, I don't do it. "What would make my little one proud?" I apply that same principle to everything I work on.

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Military/Veteran Spouse

My husband has been kicking ass in the military for over 14 years, and is also a proud Veteran. I lay no claims to any of the hard work he does, but I know what it's like to "hold down the fort" when he's gone. Also, I can't really joke about dark sh*t with most others in the same way. It's a great thing when you find a relationship that challenges you, both, to be better versions of yourself.

Él me vuelve loco. El es mi alma gemela.


Since original launch (January 2020):

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cups of coffee drank

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random "dance parties" with my mini human

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swear words used


Let's Keep It Real

A big part of true "self care" is a stronger level of mental health awareness. Set your boundaries and don't be afraid to put your foot down when you're treated unfairly. It's not always an easy process...but once you refuse to entertain negative energies, they tend to start weeding themselves out.

At the end of the day, when you really break it down, we're all just getting through life as best as we can. So let's get through it together. We’ll love a lot, we’ll learn a lot, and - hey, let’s be honest - we’ll swear a lot. There will always be people that disagree with what you're doing, or people that refuse to support your healthier choices. But, you know what? F**k that noise. You do you, boo boo.

The reality is - as recent history has shown the entire world - you can't control everything. And sometimes swearing is involved. So, if nothing else, remember to show yourself some love through it all.

TL;DR : Let's try to get our sh*t together as humans.

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