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Death By Series I: Steininger Beard Oil

Death By Series I: Steininger Beard Oil

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DEATH BY Series I: Steininger
Scent Profile: Sultry and complex. Notes of leather and smoke mix together, rounded out with a hint of vanilla.

The DEATH BY Series I: Steininger Beard Oil is inspired by the (true) dark history of Johann "Hans" Steininger.

Hans Steininger was a beloved 16th-century burgomaster (mayor) of Braunau am Inn. Much about his life and role as a leader remains unknown in the centuries since his death, but his incredible beard - which measured over four and a half feet long - remains on museum display in Austria.

In September of 1567, a large town fire broke out that caused a huge panic. Steininger usually kept his beard hair rolled up and stuffed inside a leather pouch, but neglected to do so in the chaos of the fire. While attempting to reach safety, he managed to step on his own beard, falling down a flight of stairs and breaking his neck. Modern lore calls it a case of "death by beard."

- The DEATH BY Series -
Inspired by darker, slightly more macabre aspects of history - which continues impacting the world craft brewing as we know it, today

☞ Once applied, this beard oil can be rubbed into the skin (leaving no greasy residue behind). Made with Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Hemp Seed Oil and a custom blend of essential oils. Vegan friendly. Doubles as a unisex cologne, providing long-lasting and subtle fragrance without greasiness.

*Listing is for one (1) dropper bottle of DEATH BY Series I: Steininger Beard Oil 1oz/30ml only; all other items shown are strictly for display purposes.*

MWLAS™ Beard Oils: Inspired by Prohibition, classic cocktails and craft brewing.
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☞ Image of Johann Steininger line engraving used with permission -- Johann Staininger, a man with a very long beard. Line engraving, 1814.. Credit: Wellcome Collection. Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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