MWLAS™ + Upstate Coffee Collective: an official collaboration

MWLAS™ + Upstate Coffee Collective: an official collaboration

Announcing a collaboration effort and a new product ingredient: All Day ADK Coffee from Upstate Coffee Collective!

Left side of image shows the MWLAS red and white logo, paired with the white Upstate Coffee Collective logo. Image announces an official collaboration between both brands, highlighting a bag of coffee from the Upstate Coffee Collective, showing that MWLAS is providing a coffee scrub made with this coffee.

Check out these 
MWLAS™ products, now featuring All Day ADK coffee as a primary ingredient:

  • All Day ADK Coffee & Sugar Scrub (here)
  • Coconut Latte Exfoliating Coffee Soap (here)
  • Lavender Latte Exfoliating Coffee Soap (here)

    *View all MWLAS™ x Upstate Coffee Collective products here

At the forefront of all MWLAS™ operations is the goal to work with businesses that value true efforts towards education, equity, environmentalism and sustainability. So I'm proud as Hell to be offering this collaboration with other NY-based small business owners that I know truly take those tenets seriously.

All Day ADK is a blend of two coffees - one from the Guji region of Ethiopia (roasted by Nick Furnia of Knockabout Roasters), and one from the Munali region of Zambia (roasted by Upstate Coffee Collective).

The Upstate Coffee Collective is an awesome crew based out of the Saratoga Spring, NY area, working to share knowledge and bring awareness to the full coffee experience. They've offered their own flagship roast (All Day ADK) in limited supply, and also feature other small coffee producers/roasters to provide a fully curated experience that helps cultivate genuine human connections through coffee, music and art. 


**Know of another great coffee brand that you think I should check out?
Send me your suggestions for other awesome coffee companies (and possibly our next great coffee collaboration)!

Cheers to life, love (and all the other four letter words that they bring)...
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